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by Anthony Clarvoe
Fall 2008
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The Living
The University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Written in 1993 and centered in England at the time of the great plague of 1665, The Living has moved in and out of social and political relevance since its premiere.  Presenting us with a view of life and a struggle for survival that reflects of our modern times, the play focuses on the survivors of the plague and the lessons learned from its devastation.  Dealing rationally with the actual numbers of epidemic cases, the play’s statistician, John Graunt points out the fatal dilemma caused by the under reporting of plague cases and the Court’s (government’s) inaction in addressing timely prevention; actions that resulted in an inability to stop the plague from spreading before it infected most all of London and much of England.

-From The Director's notes

Direction by Nikki Hartman
Set & Lighting Design by Travis Johnson

Costume Design by A. Laura Brody
Sound Design by Amanda Baker
Props by Jenna Fontenot

Acting Directing Educator, Stage Director, Theatre Director, Meisner Technique, Theatre Professor, SDC Director,

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