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by Susan McCully
           Spring 2016

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Voracious 7
Voracious 9
Voracious 6
Voracious 19
Voracious 5
Voracious 14
Voracious 13
Voracious 11
Voracious 3
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Voracious 8
Voracious 2
Voracious 1
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The University of Maryland Baltimore County

Obsessed with getting a 4-star review for his restaurant, Chez Rachel, Chef Jean-Jacques spies Suzanne Falmagne, the impossible-to-please restaurant critic, ordering in the dining room and snaps the staff into action.  Mistakenly, the woman is actually Joanie, an amateur critic pretending to be the infamous Suzanne.  Meanwhile, at the bar sits Ceely a “vegetarian” with a troubling, voracious appetite for Jean-Jacques and his blood sausage.  As Joanie’s long-suffering boyfriend, Lawrence, begs for her attention, the real Suzanne storms in.  Intrigue and chaos ensue while the stalwart waitress, Louise, and the rest of quirky staff, struggle to keep the pace and the peace.  All ends happily in this farce about the quest for perfection and finding one’s own pleasure as Suzanne falls for Joanie, Lawrence for Louise and Ceely joyfully discovers Jean-Jacques is really Rachel.

Direction by Nikki Hartman
Set Design by Nate Sinnott

Sound Design by Christopher Baine
Costume Design by Eric Abele
Lighting Design by Adam Mendelson
Props by Gabriela Castillo

Acting Directing Educator, Stage Director, Theatre Director, Meisner Technique, Theatre Professor, SDC Director,

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