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Producing over 100 mission-aligned Music, Theatre, & Fine Art Events, I believe you build passionate audiences by presenting high-quality, thought provoking work imbued with high production values and astute artistry.
As part of Producing and Artistic Directing, I’ve created multiple, highly-successful video-based promotional and marketing campaigns designed to develop program name recognition and increase new-student enrollment.

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2014 – 2015 Season.    
    •Nora.  Ingmar Bergman.

    •The Game of Love and Chance.  Marivaux.

    •These Shining Lives.  Melanie Marnich.

    •Leah’s Dybbuk.  Susan McCully.

2013 – 2014 Season.    
    •Criminals in Love.  George Walker.

    •Gum.  Karen Hartman.

    •Kid Simple.  Jordan Harrison.

    •Eurydice.  Sarah Ruhl.

2012 – 2013 Season.    
    •3-D: Diversity, Disparity, Dialogue.  A. Kreizenbeck.

    •Fabulous Presto.  Colette Searls.

    •Two Gentlemen of Verona.  William Shakespeare.

Theatre at UMBC Brochure
Theatre at UMBC Trailer # 1
Theatre at UMBC Trailer # 2
The Living at UL Lafayette


2010 – 2011 Season.    
    •State of LA Danse.

    •Stop Kiss.  Diana Sun.

2009 – 2010 Season.    

    •State of LA Danse.

    •An Evening of Dance.

    •Good Thing.  Jessica Goldberg.

    •The Shape of Things.  Neil LaBute.

    •Noises Off.  Michael Frayn.

    •Beyond Therapy. Christopher Durang.

    •The Birthday Dinner.  Brian Egland.

2008 – 2009 Season.    
    •State of LA Danse.

    •An Evening of Dance.

    •Five Women Wearing the Same Dress.  Alan Ball.

    •The Living.  Anthony Clarvoe.

2007 – 2008 Season.    
    •State of LA Danse.

    •An Evening of Dance.

    •The Laramie Project.  Moises Kaufman.

    •How I Learned To Drive.  Paula Vogel. 

                •Closer.  Patrick Marber.

Stop Kiss at UL Lafayette
Noises off at UL Lafayette
Scrap Arts
Scrap Arts produced at Newman University
Ladysmith Black Mombazo
Ladysmith Black Mombazo produced at Newman University
Flamenco Vivo - Carlota Santana
Flamenco Vivo - Carlota Santana produced at Newman Universty
Henry V - Shenandoah Shakespeare
The Vienna Choir Boys
The Vienna Choir Boys produced at Newman University
Ailey II. Alvin Ailey Dance Company
The Ailey II. Alvin Ailey Dance Company produced at Newman University


2006 – 2007 Season.  Voices of America: Amber Waves of Grain.  
   •War/Peace & The Anatomy of Being Human.  Kenny Carnes.

    •Live From The Front.  Jerry Quickley.

    •Staggering Toward America.  Rik Reppe.

    •Harlem Gospel Choir.

    •Mojo & The Bayou Gypsies.

    •Aftermath, Understanding, & Human Responsibility. Symposium

    •Social Conscience: Is Anybody Listening.  Literary Festival & Symposium.

    •We The People(s): Defining A National Identity.  Symposium.

    •From the Mountains to the Prairies.  Ed Pointer & Wilber Elsea.

    •Matthew Hilyard: Acrylics.  Matthew Hilyard.

    •Postcards from Savannah.  Diane Tigue.

    •David Long: Ceramics.  David Long.

    •Conrad Snider: Large Scale Ceramics.  Conrad Snider.

    •Newman University Faculty, Staff, & Student Exhibit.

    •Semana Santa Photography Show.  Sonja Wagner.

    •America The Beautiful: Contemporary Works by Native American Artists.

    •Fall Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.

    •Holiday Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.

    •Lights, Camera, Music.  Chorale & Troubadours.

2005 – 2006 Season.  You Can See The World From Here.  
   •Ailey II.  Alvin Ailey Dance Company.

    •The Vienna Choir Boys.

    •Dead Man Walking: Theatre, Social Change, Prison Ministry,

      and the Death Penalty.  Symposium.

    •Wars of the World.  Literary Festival & Symposium:

    •Preludes. Poetry of the Sheridan Edwards Review.

    •Humanities Conference.  Newman University Student Scholarly Journal.

    •High School Art Instructors. Exhibit.  

    •The Colors of Tiffany. Exhibit

    •Rosemary Dugan: Pastels.  Rosemary Dugan.

    •Regina Burcholz, ASC.  Regina Burcholz.

    •The Lost Prints of Wendell H. Black.  Wendell H. Black.

    •Sculpture Exhibit.  Local and Regional Artists.

    •“Low, Medium, High” A Ceramic Show.  Dan Gegen,

       Heather Meads, and Chris Arnesdorf.

    •Invitational Watercolor Exhibit.

    •Dead Man Walking.  Tim Robbins.  Newman Theatre.

    •Student Directed One Acts.  Newman Theatre.

    •Sherlock’s Last Case.  Charles Morowitz.  Newman Theatre.

    •Fall Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.

    •Holiday Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.

    •Winter Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.  


2004 – 2005 Season.  Educating the Mind.  Inspiring the Spirit.  
   •Flamenco Vivo.  Carlota Santana.

    •Ethos Percussion Group.

    •Ladysmith Black Mamabazo.

    •Demo Man.  Marc Bosworth.

    •Ann Zerger: Sculpture.  Ann Zerger.

    •Wright Wear.  Frank Lloyd Wright Exhibit.

    •Greg Parker: Paintings.  Greg Parker.

    •Dan Jenkins: Liturgical Print Show.  Dan Jenkins.

    •On The Edge: Bowls & Animals We Have Known & Loved. 

    •Some Art Sem Antics.  Victor Rose.

    •The Art of Emprise.  Private Art Collection, Emprise Bank.

    •Matt Kelleher/Ceramics.  Matt Kelleher.

    •A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream.  Newman Theatre.

    •Moon Over Buffalo.  Ken Ludwig.  Newman Theatre.

    •Fall Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.

    •Holiday Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.

    •Winter Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.

    •Great American Songbook.  Chorale & Troubadours.

2003 – 2004 Season.  Unity: One Vision, World Views.
   •Drum Drum.  Tribal Music & Dance of Papua, New Guinea.

    •Scrap Arts.  Percussion Ensemble.  Vancouver, BC.

    •TAMA.  Music of West Africa.

    •Children of Uganda: Tour of Light.

    •Tango New York! 

    •California Guitar Trio.  

    •Some Art Sem Antics.  Victor Rose.

    •Fall Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.

    •Holiday Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.

    •Winter Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.

2002 – 2003 Season.  A New Way To Look At The Arts.  

    •Moscow Boys Choir.  

    •Peking Opera.

    •Renaissance Faire Concert.

    •Moliere Than Thou.  Timothy Mooney.

    •Plaid Family Reunion Concert.

    •Renaissance Faire Masquerade Ball.

    •An Organ Celebration.  Carole Pracht.

    •The Giving Tree & Other Stories.  Little Theatre of the Deaf.

    •The Schumann Intrigue.  Karen Kushner.

    •Music of the American Experience.  Anthony Brown.

    •Adjusting Your Vision: Photography.  Photography.

    •Newman Teaching Artists. Exhibit

    •Art For Gifts: Invitational Holiday Exhibit.

    •Domestic Plastic.  Maggie Rozycki Hiltner.

    •Manual for a New Millennium.  Ann Resnick.

    •Some Art Sem Antics.  Victor Rose.

    •Zoomin Newman Invitational.  Student Exhibit.

    •Renaissance Faire Exhibit:

    •Newman University Student Exhibit.

    •Fall Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.

    •Home Chorale Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.  

2001 – 2002 Season.  Inaugural Fine Arts Series.  
   •Therese, Story of a Soul. Anonymous.

    •Henry V.  Shenandoah Shakespeare.

    •St. Joan.  Shenandoah Shakespeare.

    •Fine Arts & Catholic Tradition.  Lecture.  Bishop Thomas Olmsted.

    •The Blues & American Culture: Education & Community.  Symposium.

    •Black Literary Heritage of Kansas.  Dr. John Edgar Tidwell. 

    •Preludes. Poetry of The Sheridan Edwards Review.

    •Humanities Conference.  Newman University Student Scholarly Journal.

    •Multiple Impressions: Native Americans & Print. Exhibit.

    •The Newman Creative Process.  Alumni Art Exhibit.

    •Picturing Faith: Religious America in Government Photography, 1935 - 1943.

    •Golden Weaves of Grain.  Kansas Straw Artists.

    •Newman University Student Exhibit. 

    •Fall Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.

    •A Carol In Winter.  Chorale & Troubadours.  

    •Home Chorale Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.  

Acting Directing Educator, Stage Director, Theatre Director, Meisner Technique, Theatre Professor, SDC Director,

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